Minibus Hire Sydney with driver

20 seater minibuses with drivers is the perfect sized minibus for groups of 13 to 20 passengers.

The deluxe models are 6 speed turbo 4 cylinder models while the older deluxe models are 5 speed, 6 cylinder models which we refer to a standard model.

The standard older model minibus model seats up to 21 passengers.

All minibuses are accredited with accreditation name and number on the side of the bus and interior is compliant with Australian accreditation standards including passenger rights and obligations, emergency exit signage and inspected by the RTA under the Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme (HVIS) every 6 months or 10,000 kms.


All our minibuses always comes with a driver, we don’t offer any self-drive services or minibus rentals. We have fantastic rates on all minibus hire with driver in Sydney.

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Bus Hire Sydney
20 seater deluxe minibuses
21 seater standard minibuses


Q. Can we rent the minibus and drive ourselves?
A. No, we offer no self drive services

Q. Can we eat and drink on the minibus?
A. No, there is no food, drink or alcohol allowed to be consumed on the coach, water is allowed.

Q. Can we have standing or extra passengers than there are seats?
A. No, all passengers onboard must be seated at all times..

Q. What is the seating capacity of the minibuses?
A. We have deluxe minibuses for 20 passengers and standard minibuses for 21 passengers.

Q. What is the daily rate of the minibuses?
A. Daily rates vary according to times and distances. A day in some minds is 8 hours and for others it's 12 or more hours.
Start times, destinations, finish times and coach size are all collected and costs are based on these factors.

Q. Do the minibuses have microphones to address the passengers through the speakers?
A. Yes, all minibuses have working public address systems.

Q. Do you do bucks parties?
A. No, sorry. No party buses.