12 – 14 Seater Minibuses

Our 12, 13, 14 seater minibuses are ideal for the smaller group for all corporate and social outings. This minibus fits into inaccessible areas that no other minibus can do. It’s perfect for wedding guests or wedding party to locations that are vehicle size restricted.

It’s perfect for shuttle runs for short distances, roomy enough for larger folk passengers and an ideal size for the smaller groups.


When it comes to how many passengers fit in the vehicle there are three options. Referred to as 12 seaters, it’s 11 passengers plus our driver, 13 seater is 12 passengers plus our driver and 14 seater is 13 passengers (which one passengers sits in the front) plus our driver.

 Great rates for minibus charter Sydney.

All Mod Cons

All the minibuses are fitted with seatbelts and have all modern conveniences:

  •  Cloth seats
  • Tinted windows
  • Personal A/C
  • CD Player & Radio
  • AUX input for MP3 players


Q. Can use our own driver and just rent the minibus?
A. No, we offer no own drive or rental services.

Q. Can we eat and drink in the minibus?
A. There is no food, drinks including alcohol permitted. Bottled water is permitted.

Q. Can we have some standing people?
A. No, all passengers must be seated.

Q. What is the seating capacity of the minibuses?
A. We have models to cater for 11, 12 and 13 passengers.

Q. What is the daily rate of the minibuses?
A. Daily rates vary according to times and distances. A day in some minds is 8 hours and for others it's 12 or more hours.
Start times, destinations, finish times and coach size are all collected and costs are based on these factors.

Q. Do you do party buses?
A. Sorry, no party buses.

Toyota Hiace Minibuses

Minibus Hire Sydney
12 seater minibuses
14 seater minibuses

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