1. Do you offer rentals and self drive services?
  2. No, we only provide bus hire with drivers.


  1. Do you allow alcohol consumption in your buses?
  2. No alcohol consumption allowed under NSW law.


  1. Do you operate on public holidays?
  2. Yes, we operate 365 days of the year.


  1. Can we have standing passengers on the buses?
  2. Standing passengers are only allowed on the school buses, not minibuses or coaches.


  1. Do you do operate after midnight?
  2. Yes, but only for weddings and provided we do the forward transport.


  1. Is food and drink allowed on the buses?
  2. Under Transport for NSW law there is no food or drink consumption allowed on any public passenger vehicle. Bottled water is ok.


  1. Do you do bucks days and/or party buses?
  2. Sorry, we do not provide any service involving alcohol or party buses.